Your entrance decor sets the scene for your event.  Make yours unique and one that will get your guests' attention immediately!  Our team specializes in fun and unique event decor.  There are countless options to choose from.  You can pick from one of our in-stock themes, or if you have an different idea or theme you want to use, we can make it happen with custom-designed decor!   



Make your event extraordinary with Themed Decor!  Your Entrance Decor, Room Settings, Stage Decor, Props, Lighting, Linens, and Centerpieces will all be themed for your Event.  From Receptions to Dinner Events to Awards Ceremonies, your event will be a truly memorable experience!

Choose from one of our in-stock themes, or we will be happy to custom design your event based on your theme or ideas.



Balloon Arches for entryways,  Balloon Bouquets for Centerpieces, and Balloon Sculptures to match your theme.  Balloon Decor is great for Trade Shows, Awards Banquets, Holiday Events, Themed Events, and Company Picnics.



Wow your guests as soon as they enter!  Our themed event decor can take your event to the next level.  Choose from our in-stock themes, or we will custom design for your event.

20's Themed Event Decor with Lighting Ef


Add visual drama to your event with photo areas, corner sets, centerpieces, stage decor, and more.  Fountains, props, lighting, and balloon decor help complete your theme.

We can help you create the perfect atmosphere for your event!



Event signage is necessary, but it doesn't have to be boring.  Make yours fun and exciting!  Our designers can tailor your event signage to your theme, creating an impression that lasts long after your event .

Off to Neverland.jpg


Specializing in unique event design and décor, Feature Presentation can help make your prom truly magical!  We will create entrance décor, centerpieces, table décor, room sets, lighting, and photo backdrops - all tailored to your prom theme!