Whether you need Strolling Musicians, Caricature Artists, Living Statues, DJ's, Bands, Fortune Tellers, Face Painters, Singers, Balloon Artists, Magicians or more,  Feature Presentation will help you plan the perfect entertainment for your event!

Nashville Casino Party - Craps Table


A Casino Party is one of our most popular events!  Great for private parties, convention groups, fundraising events, or a corporate holiday party, a Casino Night is a sure bet!

Play Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, Poker, and more!  After the Casino Gaming area closes, use your winnings to buy tickets for the prize drawings.

Gold Cowboy Living Statues
Gold Cowboy Living Statues

Gold Cowboy Living Statues

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Gentleman Living Statue
Gentleman Living Statue

Gold Gentleman Living Statue

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Arabian Themed Living Statue
Arabian Themed Living Statue

Arabian Themed Living Statue

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Gold Cowboy Living Statues
Gold Cowboy Living Statues

Gold Cowboy Living Statues

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Living statues are a great addition to any event!  Whether for a corporate reception, company picnic, grand opening, or themed party, our living statues will impress your guests!  With a wide range of costumes and characters, your living statue can be styled to your theme and event.

Live musical entertainment at a tropical themed event.


Live music enhances any event!  From background music to jazz trios to country bands to a choir, we can provide the perfect musical entertainment for your event. 


For your beach party themed event, take a trip to a tropical location with a steel drum band.  For your company picnic, add strolling musicians or a dixieland band at the event entrance to set the stage for a fun-filled event.  For your mixer or reception, background music from a live band will set the perfect mood.


Give us a call to discuss your musical entertainment needs for your next event.

Living Red Carpet


Impress your guests from the moment they arrive with a Living Red Carpet!  This interactive entertainment brings the Hollywood experience to your event . . . and then takes it a step further.

Your guests will walk down a red carpet to surprisingly find that the carpet is actually the red dress of your greeter!   This unexpected twist on the classic red carpet makes for great photo opportunities, and an unforgettable event.

Carnival Games


Carnival Games are a fun addition to any event!  Great for your summer company picnics, for mixers at business events, for fall festivals, or for your holiday events. 

Our large inventory of games can also be customized to fit your occasion or theme. 


Let us help you create a fun and engaging atmosphere at your next event with our Carnival Games!

Caricature Artists


Caricature Artists are perfect for almost any type of event or party, and for any size group, large or small. 


If you have never watched a caricature artist at work, you will be surprised at how much fun watching and having your caricature done can be!  Whether you need just one caricature artist or maybe you need six, we've got you covered!

Let your guests take home a caricature portrait as a memento of your fun event. 

Fortune Tellers


Create an atmosphere of excitement and mystery with our Fortune Tellers!  Great for any event, our professional tarot card readers and fortune tellers will amaze and entertain your guests.  

Perfect for mixers, receptions, corporate events and private parties, our Fortune Tellers will help create an event your guests won't soon forget!

Costumed Characters

Entertaining, fun and interactive, costumed characters will add excitement to your event.  Perfect for walk-around entertainment and photo opportunities.  Costumed Characters are available for holiday parties, themed events, social events, meetings, conventions, and more!

Historical Characters
Movie and TV Characters

Animal Characters


Themed Event Characters

Holiday Characters